IG Newman

An exciting adventure began for him at the young age of twelve, he received God call to champion Heaven course in the midst of his generation. But how could a timid Ignatius as he was known then answer the call of destiny when everything around him presents a picture of a 'hopeless future'

  15th November 2012 by IG Newman
Challenges Of The Living Spouse

The Plight Of The Widows

Death, an inevitable phase in the human life cycle, unlike birth, growth and other phases of life that can be predicted ...

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We cannot fail to appreciate those of you that stood by us in giving to us financially for this big responsibility. We consider it a privilege having you to partner with this vision. But most importantly, God is honoured by your seed and gift of love.


The Rock of Ages

The Rock of Ages Foundation is a product of the passion and vision of God precious servant I.G. Newman. Born and conceived purely out of a mandate from God. In Feb. 2007, on 17th October, 2008.